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            Carpet Cleaning Miami delivers the best quality cleaning at the most affordable prices. We are a family owned carpet cleaning business that the owner cleans all the carpet to make sure every job is done correct. You also save money by the company having to make a profit after paying the technician and you also get a better carpet steam cleaning done by owner because we rely on your repeat business and referrals. We also clean carpet in Doral, Kendall, Hialeah, Miami Beach, Aventura, Coral Gables, Tamiami, South Miami, Miami Gardens, Fort Lauderdale and Weston.
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           Cleaners are the only furniture cleaning experts in Miami that focus solely on cleaning upholstery. We have more than 20 years experience in cleaning all types of upholstery such as micro-fiber, polyester,  cotton, suede and other leather furniture. We also come to your car or boat to clean the upholstery. Before us you had to call a carpet cleaning company to clean your upholstery. We also specialize in Rug Cleaning in Miami, If your mattress has urines stains we can remove them. Now you have a company that only specializes in cleaning carpets in your home, including boat and car interiors and especially upholstery
            If you have red wine on your upholstered white sofa you can apply soda water and blot until a professional upholstery cleaner can be located. Carpet Cleaning Miami is our specialty service. We provide one service and we are the BEST!
If you have a pet urine stain or oder you need removal, you can clean yourself until professionals arrive. To clean pet urine from a sofa apply clear distilled vinegar and water and blot the furniture. 
When we arrive we have special enzymes we inject with a syringe into the foam where the urine has absorbed. We steam clean the furniture and dry with blowers so no browning occurs. We are the furniture cleaning experts in Miami. Upholstery and leather furniture cleaning  is our specialty in Fort Lauderdale and Weston.
          Miami Carpet Cleaners have been cleaning carpets and rugs for more than 25 years always trying to improve the cleaning experience for our thousands of clients. We can clean the upholstery in your home, office or boat in the greater Miami fl area.
When needing to remove stains from your upholstery or mattress you need to be careful that you dont try so hard to remove the stains that you could damage the furniture. You also need to be careful not to over wet as this could cause browning or wicking to the affected sofa or mattress upholstery. Leather furniture and microfiber furniture is tough and can be cleaned safely using proven cleaning methods and call a professional service like Miami Carpet Cleaners.
            When kids go back to school is a great time to clean your upholstery. Your sofa has been getting dirty all summer long. We can clean your sofa, chair, mattress and area rugs in Doral and all Miami area. White sofa can be cleaned like new even if you have urine stains and odor. Carpet Cleaning Miami. 
I noticed i had pet urine on my white upholstery sofa that was yellow and had a bad odor. To remove the pet stain from white furniture I need to steam clean my upholstery and use enzymes to remove the bad smell. The key to prevent wicking and water stains from upholstery is to clean and dry fast using blowers and do not over wet. Carpet Cleaning Miami has special products to make dingy white bright white again, and leather sofa cleaned like new. Miami Carpet Cleaning also services Doral Fl, Kendall Fl, Hialeah Fl, Coral Gables Fl, and Miami Beach Fl. We also clean oriental area rugs, apartment carpet shampoo and high-rises. Steam cleaning carpet and upholstery in Miami-Dade county better than Stanley Steemer, Coit and more affordable at a discount. Carpet cleaning Doral offers carpet steam cleaning for area rugs, apartments and stays. We can remove pet urine stains from carpet as well as remove pet odor. After we deep clean your carpet with steam it dries fast within 2 hours. Miami upholstery cleaning also cleans carpet in Doral, Kendall, Hialeah, Tamiami, Miami Beach, Brickell area. Carpet cleaning Kendall and Carpet Cleaning Miami are the 2 newest areas to be added to our cleaning service including rugs in Fort Lauderdale and Weston.
        6-13-2013 Had a big job today cleaning carpets in Miami. The carpets were stained with mold and pet urine but I treated the stains with our special stain remover and steam cleaned the carpets dry and the stains disappeared. Our carpet cleaning company has service in Miami and Doral, Kendall and Hialeah including Miami Beach, South Beach and Brickell highrise apartments. We can also deep clean your area rugs at your home or office at affordable prices. 
        Steam cleaning carpets is the best way to get a deep cleaning
When it rained hard last month and my carpet and upholstery got wet it smelled very bad. I needed a professional to steam clean and deodorize my sofa and rugs. I had service in Kendall Fl before but now i Live in Doral Fl which is a west suburb of Miami. I also needed water extraction for my flooded carpet in Miami.
        1/14/14 To clean your carpet correctly it is important to use the steam clean method. Do not over wet the carpet and use hot water extraction. With the humidity in Miami cleaning pet urine stains from rugs is important so the smell doesn't get worse. 
       3-15-14 Upholstery cleaning Miami will also clean your leather and suede furniture. Bonded leather sofa can be cared for by cleaning with a wet towel to remove dust and sweat. A suede sofa should be vacuumed once a month and cleaned professionally once a year. 
        4-5-14 Remember when your cleaning carpet in Miami to use a carpet cleaning service that uses steam cleaning and extract most the water. With the high humidity if the carpet stays wet after cleaning it could mold and mildew which would need a restoration cleaning. Miami Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Cleaners of Miami want to earn your repeat business and referral. 
       4-25-14 Cleaning carpet in Miami is a great job with the nice weather and good economy. Its very important when cleaning carpet in Miami that you dry the rugs very well. With all the humidity in Miami carpet stay wet longer. I usually leave a blower with my customers to insure the carpet will dry within a couple hours after cleaning.
           With more than 20 years of experience in state-of-the-craft carpet mind, Miami Upholstery Cleaners is overall situated to give you the best carpet cleaning in Miami administration accessible. We are the greatest carpet cleaning administration in the country, and our famous white vans are a natural sight in neighborhoods all over. Today, we realize that our prosperity as the best carpet cleaning in Miami is dependent upon a couple of robust standards that we excitedly embrace: 
Predictable, quality carpet consideration encounters with ensured client fulfillment 
Responsive and respectable carpet cleaning administration accessible 24/7 
Unrivaled carpet cleaning supplies that we make ourselves 
Exceptionally prepared experts who are professionally screened and never subcontracted 
Geographic degree that achieves 95 percent of the U.s. populace 
           There are numerous reasons why Miami Upholstery Cleaners gives the best carpet cleaning administration in the business. Not the minimum of these is our select high temperature water extraction strategy. We infuse hot, delicate water and our restrictive cleaning result into your carpet. At that point our enchantment wand slackens and lifts the earth and soil from the carpet, without the grating brushing of other cleaning systems. Also, drying time is quicker since 95 percent of the dampness is suctioned out of the carpet. That means no remaining sudsy deposit. You say farewell to soil, allergens, dust bugs and other infinitesimal poisons that gather in your carpet. 
            At Miami Upholstery Cleaners, we additionally realize that each carpet cleaning circumstance is one of a kind. That is the reason we start our carpet cleaning administration with a complete dissection of your carpet, noting any vigorously dirtied or high-movement territories. At that point our cleaning masters utilize our exceptionally successful boiling hot water extraction carpet cleaning technique to uproot ground-in soil and garbage that could possibly be noticeable to the stripped eye.
The best carpet cleaning service is the one who charges you a price that includes stain treatment and no hidden charges. Our carpet cleaning service provides FREE stain treatment and deodorizer with no hidden charges. We come to your home and office a deep steam clean your area rugs and carpet in Miami, Kendall, Doral, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Aventura, Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale, Weston Fl. 
With kids going back to school our carpet cleaning service in Miami has been busy cleaning residential carpet and oriental rugs from all the spills and stains left over the summer. To get your carpet cleaned in the Miami area including Kendall, Doral, Hialeah, Homestead Fl call Daniel at (786)954-0525. To get your carpet cleaned in Fort Lauderdale, Weston Fl, Hollywood, Miramar and Pembroke Pines call (954)942-7555. All customers having there carpet cleaned this month receive a FREE bottle of stain remover.
We had a special carpet cleaning job today today in Miami Fl. Our customer lived in a high-rise apartment in the Brickell area of Miami and needed a deep carpet cleaning and pet stain removal. Before we cleaned the carpet we injected pet urine removal enzymes into the carpet to treat the padding. Afterwards we steamed cleaned the carpet and the customer has called to say the urine smell has not retuned. 

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